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European Football Multiples – Saturday 26th September 2009 Tips

Here are the European football multiple tips for Saturday 26th September 2009. The following 8 selections are to be placed in low stakes multiple bets of the number of your choice – i.e. choose 6 for an accumulator, or any variation you like. The selections are based upon our systematic approach which weighs up recent form, home/away bias as well as running through likely match outcomes. However, football, while following general rules, can often result in the better side losing, hence the stress on small stakes on soccer multiple bets.

Horse Racing
  • St Mirren v Celtic (Backing  Celtic @ 1.32) WON
  • Portsmouth v Everton (Laying  Portsmouth @ 4.74) WON
  • Lecce v Mantova (Backing  Lecce @ 1.57) WON
  • Huddersfield v Stockport (Backing  Huddersfield @ 1.54) LOST
  • Wigan v Chelsea (Backing  Chelsea @ 1.29) LOST
  • Tottenham v Burnley (Backing  Tottenham @ 1.31) WON
  • Fulham v Arsenal (Backing  Arsenal @ 1.52) WON
  • Malaga v Barcelona (Backing  Barcelona @ 1.25)

This multiple, on Betfair, pays £24+ for a £2 stake.

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Horse Racing
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