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Eurovision Song Contest 2009

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Team United Kingdom for Eurovision 2009

Team United Kingdom for Eurovision 2009

Eurovision is here again, this time with Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber taking on the continent’s best efforts in Moscow with his song sung by Jade. The king of musicals himself will play piano on stage against a backdrop of commentary by Graham Norton. Norway is the favourite, but Graham has his own tips:

I’ve always been a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, I’ve always watched it, or taped it if i’ve been working. As for threats, well Norway is the big favourite this year, but I think he’s going off the boil a little. I think he may well have peaked. It’s still a lovely song but I don’t think it’s all that. Greece again is favoured but although he’s beautiful to look at, I don’t think the performance is all that charismatic. For Jade, I think that the dangers are Iceland and Malta. I also think Portugal could be a little surprise, there is something very endearing there, and the staging really works on television, it makes you very happy. They may be the dark horses.

Willy Weasels Racing Tips are now delivered only via email!

>> Click Here to Get Willy Weasel's Tips to your email <<

A new voting system means that the usually partisan phone-ins will be tempered by national panels of expert judges. Here are the odds from Paddy Power:

Outright Winner of Eurovision 2009: Paddy Power Prices

(prices correct at time of publication)

Norway 8/11
UK 10/1
Turkey 10/1
Azerbaijan 10/1
Greece 11/2
Bosnia and Herzegovina 16/1
Ukraine 18/1
Iceland 18/1
France 25/1
Estonia 40/1
Malta 40/1
Germany 40/1
Armenia 40/1
Finland 50/1
Albania 50/1
Sweden 50/1
Denmark 66/1
Spain 66/1
Moldova 80/1
Portugal 80/1
Romania 100/1
Russia 100/1
Lithuania 100/1
Israel 125/1
Croatia 150/1

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  • Number 10 16.05.2009 12:08 am

    My Swedish mate also said that Norway would win – and she watched all the preliminaries.

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