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Stardom Awaits with Betfred Poker

Willy Weasels Racing Tips are now delivered only via email!

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Get on the right Career Path with Betfred Poker!

Betfred Poker

Love Poker? Wanted to be rewarded for playing Poker? Get on the Betfred Poker Career Path


Your Journey starts here…with Betfred Poker

Betfred Poker have re-vamped their loyalty plan so that it gives YOU, the players, the rewards they deserve. By playing at their tables you can work your way through various locations around the globe, learning the game and establishing yourself as a respected and savvy player.

Every time you play at the Betfred Poker real money tables you will earn Career Points. The points you earn dictate your quest around the poker world and the harder you play the further you will progress in your career as a Betfred Poker Player.

Career Path

Willy Weasels Racing Tips are now delivered only via email!

>> Click Here to Get Willy Weasel's Tips to your email <<

Each step requires a level of play which generates a milestone of Career points. Once you have earned the required points for a milestone, during a calendar month, you will be upgraded the following day (no need to wait for the end of the month!!). Not only that but at Betfred Poker all upgrades receive a 1 month grace, meaning you have the current month plus the next calendar month to enjoy the rewards offered at that level!

Location Milestone
Home game -
Pub Poker 60
Local casino 300
London 1,200
Dublin 4,600
Cannes 10,000
Monte Carlo 25,000
Macau 50,000
Las Vegas 100,000

Each exciting location has its own world of rewards and capabilities that you will be able to access once you reach the milestone. Naturally, the higher the level you are at the more rewards you will be entitled to! Click on each level to find out more about what you can achieve.

What are you waiting for? Get on the right career path to stardom with the Betfred Poker Career

Betfred Poker



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Horse Racing
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