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03.04.2008 in by System Tipster 0


Another piece of Betting Terminology jargon blasted, this time it is “Tricast”.

A tricast is similar to a forecast, except (as the name suggests) instead of selecting the first two horses home in a given race, you have to pick the first three – in the correct order.

Most bookmakers offer tricast bets, though they are not particularly popular, perhaps due to the difficulty in predicting the first three horses!

The Tote offers a bet called the Tote Trifecta which is a tricast. As with tricasts, one must get a Tote Trifecta in the correct order in order to win, however it is possible to “wheel” the selections so that they can finish first second and third in any order, though this is 6 bets as there are six different perumtations that three horses can finish in:

Horse Racing
  • A beats B beats C
  • A beats C beats B
  • B beats A beats C
  • B beats C beats A
  • C beats A beats B
  • C beats B beats A

Confusingly, as with much betting terminology, “wheeling” selections is sometimes also known as “boxing”, though no-one really knows why. One can also do a “Combination Trifecta” by choosing four, five or even six horses, though this increases the number of bets markedly.

We once won a Tote Trifecta at the Cheltenham Festival which paid £5,200 to a £1 stake. Having put 50p on (£3 total stake for a “wheeled” Trifecta) we were pleased to pick up £2,600.

Click here to bet with Totesport, sign up for an account, and even get free bets.

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Horse Racing
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